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Life Changing Venture For Saad At Phuket Top Team


Lebanon’s Serge Saad recently ventured off to Thailand with a life changing plan in mind! Good bye to the corporate world and Hello professionalism in the sport world.

Thailand has been one of the major destinations for fighters who are look to improve their fighting style and overall lifestyle. No matter your level or expectation the country has a unique environment that acts as an intermediary for fighters to take their skills and dreams to the next level. It’s no surprise the effect this marvelous country has on its visitors. The environment, the variety of gyms , nationalities of fighters and availability of sparring partners always plays an unanticipated role adding yet other twist to a fighter’s general expectation.

Saad has been welcomed and sponsored by Phuket top team in Thailand for an intensive training camp extending for more than two months. The reason behind it ? A life changing decision.
Serge, known for his BJJ skills, left his job and dedicated himself to focus on sports as he wants to live like a pro fighter.

“I want to become a professional , not only as a fighter but as a sports person.” – Says Saad

Saad’s goal that started as a self-development vision seems to be shifting to an educational one.For those not familiar with Saad he not only is a mixed martial artists but also holds 3 master degrees in different majors. He plans to reenter university once again to study physical education and nutrition.

“This camp turned out way more productive than I hoped it would be. Everything and everyone in PTT will push you towards your goal and once your mind is set, all the disciplines and high level instructors are available and ready to improve your Combat skills.”

Saad focused mostly on his striking for MMA, mixing up Muay Thai, boxing and wrestling classes. Each session with Dereck Heckel was a wrestling seminar says Saad. His knowledge in the sport is second to none. Former WBC world champion Oleydong Sithsamerchai and Leamthong Leenoi, Muay Thai coach at PTT were also two of the main trainers who influenced Saad.

“These were my class and private trainers who i worked with the most. We turned our private training into sparring sessions which were very beneficial”

The level of the instructors here is very high, they are some of the best in the business, and the environment here is suitable for every fighter who’s preparing for a fight. You will find pro trainers from all the disciplines, and you will find partners from different levels, countries and organizations making your experience richer.

Mr. Boyde Clark owner of Phuket top team and a former boxing champion takes care of every pro mma fighter in his camp. He was very supportive and generous mentions Saad. And he has his own personal view regarding MMA sports in the Arab world especially after the increased number of MMA fighters who came to PTT from the Arab world.

“I believe the Arab MMA community is set to boom. The talent, the drive and the passion from Arab MMA fighters is growing and Phuket Top Team has embraced this. We believe we can create fighters to take on the best in the world.” Clark stated.

Serge will be heading back home to resume training with Team shogun, his one and only team. No confirmation yet on his fight early next year , but the one thing that is certain is how eager he is to take some of this knowledge and share it with his teammates in Lebanon.

I want to thank everyone at Phuket Top Team who supported me in training hard and helped me improve. Also my team in Beirut especially Master Sami Kiblawi and my team sponsors in Beirut, from Sayfco holding, Level 8, BodyGuard sports nutrition and body coach for their continuous support and sponsor.

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