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Louai Kiblawi


Louai Kiblawi, Team Shogun’s Manager and well respected Striking Trainer, ventured to Thailand over the Christmas holiday for 21 days to spend quality time freshening up his Muay Thai skills. One of much experience, beginning from when he was a young child, this MuayThai fighter goes yearly to Thailand to strengthen himself in the realm of coaching and all round skill. The trip was also of added value to his wealth in knowledge as he is to be fighting in the World Muay Thai Championship coming up in March, 2016.

Kiblawi underwent training primarily within Tiger Muay Thai Gym,along with Team Shogun’s Coach Ahmad Mahzoum,another well-known Muay Thai trainer and mentor who accompanied him throughout the training camps. The two took some time to pass through other places around the country to gain as much as possible from the various coaches. The other camps visited included Phuket Top Team and Dragon Muay Thai, in Phuket as well as Lamai, in Bangkok, which is associated with the presence of none other than Stephan Fox, the general secretary of the International Federation of Muay Thai Amateur (IFMA).d


Photographs display his badass expertise in the sport along with days of beach fun of Louai, his lady Maha Soueidi, his brother Rocky Kiblawi, Ahmad Makhzoum, and several others affiliated with Team Shogun appeared throughout the time spent in the distant land of the East. It was apparent that the Kiblawi boys know how to spend the holidays in very good taste.

During the heavy rains and storms of Lebanon, Kiblawi celebrated in style not only training but enjoying a very special time dedicated to his one and only gorgeous lady, Soueidi, in the tropical heat of the exotic country. He ended the trip during the last training camp, in what can only be imagined to be a stunning dreamy sunrise as this Kiblawi proposed to his longtime girlfriend on the beaches of Phiphi Island on the second of the January 2016.

Because proposing in Lebanon is too mainstream ! She said YESSSSSSS !!!!!!

Posted by Louai Sami Kiblawi on Saturday, January 2, 2016

Every real man knows how to treat his woman as she should be treated, and this tough hard trained man romantically placed a ring inside a coconut for his sweet heart to find and melt with bliss. Maha Soueidi is no longer only one of Team Shogun but one of the Kiblawi family as well. The two have plans to marry and be moved into their house within the next three years, to continue their journey in life together as one.

“I am so happy for him and I am glad he proposed to her in Thailand, the land of smiles and love” –Master Sami Kiblawi.

May both of you enjoy a brilliant engagement and a sunny, prosperous marriage of the closest friendship and affection. Congratulations to the two of you!

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