Matches To Make For “Brave: The Beginning” Winners

Gadzhimusa Gaziev Vs. Mohammad Fakhreddine

Brave was originally set to be headlined by Viera Vs Fakhreddine, but that’s not the way this script played out and when Fakhreddine got an injury, everything changed.

Instead, Vieira would face Gaziev, a tough-as-nails Dagestani fighter, who is from a world where fighters don’t normally lose. Remember the names Khabib? Eldarov? Makachev? Khabilov? They are Dagestani. Gaziev knocked out Vieira cold and improved to 7-1, leaving no doubt that he is a force to be reckoned with. Vieira is out of the picture, Gaziev vs Fakhreddine anyone? Yes please.

In the main event Abdulkareem Al Selwady took on Rami Aziz in a grudge match between two fighters who had been wanting to settle the score. Selwady dominated this one, capitalizing upon an Aziz error and punishing him on the ground, landing a slick first-round submission.

Abdulkareem Al Selwady Vs. Aziz Julaidan

Selwady who had some personal issues with Rami, had even bigger fighting issues with the former Desert Force champion Aziz Julaidan. This is the man who dethroned him from his Desert Force title. That was a fight that ended in 30 seconds and since that day Selwady has been clamoring to avenge his only career defeat. It was never given to him and Julaidan never defended the title after that day. Ever since he won, he was scheduled to face Kooheji for the title, then he got injured and vanished into thin air.

It appears that our lost friend won’t be fighting for Desert Force anymore as he has been spotted on a poster in Switzerland. Perhaps this long awaited rematch could happen at Brave instead. This fight has huge hyping potential. This fight was the real BEEF, before the beef with Aziz was ever created.

Watch Selwady submit Rami Aziz here:

Ahmed Amir Vs. Eldar Eldarov/ Thiago Vieira/ Tarek Suleiman/ Khalid Ismail

Ahmed Amir shocked the world when he finished Richie “The Boogeyman” Martinez in the first round via TKO. He improved his record to 5-1 and proved that he can face international competition of the highest caliber.

For Amir, many fights would make sense after this one. Putting him against Eldarov or Vieira would be huge scalps for his record should he defeat them. Also free agents such as Tarek Suleiman or Moroccan Khalid Ismail would juicy up matches that the fans would love to see. Suleiman is one of the toughest Arabs out there, who has fought on international platforms and proven himself against high level competition.

Watch Ahmed Amir’s finish at Brave 1 here:

Hamza Kooheji Vs. Mohammad Farhad

With Farhad and Kooheji both fighting at Bantamweight at the Brave, Indian fans and Bahraini fans would love to see these two fighting stallions go to war. Both secured big wins, both have a strong following, let them get it on! What do you guys think?

Masio Fullen Vs. Elias Boudegzdame

When it comes to Masio Fullen and his impressive all-in style blended with world class technique, a fight against someone like Elias Boudegzdame could be an instant fight-of-the-night if it materialized. For both fighters, a win could very well place them as the top in their division at Brave. With an 11-6 record fighting a 12-4 – both fighters are winners who have won countless times at the top level of mixed martial arts. They have records which demand respect and this could be the next fight for these two warriors.

Ivan Lopez Vs. Amir Al Bazi

With Ivan Lopez’s latest first-round finish taking him to 14 wins, he can only be matched-up with a competitor of the highest level and one who has supreme confidence. Iraqi Amir Al Bazi, who currently trains at London Shoot Fighters is the perfect candidate to face such pedigree. With eight wins out of eight and being a small bantamweight, Al Bazi is known to accept fights at flyweight, and this is one he would not decline.

This is a tasty dish which, if Brave were to cook, could be a main event or co-main event.

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