MMA Fighters’: Most Exciting Hobbies and Games


Mixed martial arts are not joking matters, and neither is any other combat sport in any case. Each fighter goes through very rigorous training sessions in order to qualify.

It is now the world’s fastest growing sport and fans around the world are growing in number as well. As such, it is not uncommon that a lot of followers would actually like to know more about their heroes. How do MMA fighters spend a normal day outside the ring? What kind of hobbies do they enjoy? These are just few of the questions that fans ask about MMA champions.

Outside the ring, fighters do have their own normal lives as well as their hobbies. While they have to continuously train in between fights to keep fit and in shape, these champions also have some time off from their training sessions. Let’s take for example Robbie Lawler, current Welterweight Champion. He said that he enjoys some fun activities when he’s not busy keeping in shape. Some of these would include cooking, listening to music and listening to audiobooks. Robbie admits that it’s good to chill sometimes. He cooks a lot and even made Korean barbecue ribs. He listened to the audio version of “Unbroken” while driving from Iowa to Florida, keeping him company during the trip. He enjoys listening to music, especially Coffee House. Not bad for a champ who has to be in top form all the time.


Being an MMA fighter requires discipline and that means dedication to trainings. Yet, one needs to relax sometimes to balance all that. Another UFC champion that has some fun outside the arena is Martin Kampmann, a long-running UFC fighter. He is semi-retired but still competing in the Welterweight division. Have you ever wondered what he does in his free times? He enjoys playing poker and in fact, began playing in 2014 as a guest on Run It Up. He continued to play in live tournaments as well as online. Having used his physical strength to earn for almost a decade, he is now using his brain to outsmart other players at the poker table and is doing great at it, too! For sure fans around the world have watched him play, and thanks to the Internet, nowadays casino games are also accessible to anybody who lives in the Middle East, if you want to learn a move or two like your idol, give these games a try on Casino Du Liban Online website.

While fans may think that all these fighters do is train all day and night, fighters enjoy their free time in some way, like normal people do. Fabricio Werdum, a Brazilian mixed martial artist and current UFC Heavyweight champion is another fighter who enjoys some relaxation time with his family. He says that he enjoys going to the beach and spends his time with his family.

Mixed martial artist and former Olympic wrestler, Daniel Cormier, member of the Ultimate Fighting Championship is the current Light Heavyweight champion. When he is not busy training for a fight, he enjoys reading, playing video games, basketball and softball. This is just proof that champions know how to have some fun outside the ring.

One of the most popular MMA superstars today, Ronda Rousey, has her own ways to relax and chill. Included in her list of things she enjoys is playing Pokemon. She’s a cool girl who is not afraid to talk about her nerdy side. Her favorite character is “Mew.” She also enjoys games on Playstation and likes Mortal Kombat. She is good with a gun and plays Candy Crush as well!

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