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Fakhreddine Calls Out Carl Booth At Brave 2 Post Fight Presser

Mohammad Fakhreddine isn’t afraid to say what’s on his mind!

At the Brave 2 “Dynasty” Post Fight presser, Mohammad Fakhreddine made sure that president Mohamed Shahid acknowledges the fact that he is ready to fight the promotion’s best. After being slated to fight Thiago Vieira in the main event of Brave 1, Fakhreddine was forced to pull out due to a knee injury. That night Gaziev silenced Thiago and in turn earned a spot at Brave 2 against Carl Booth. For Fakhreddine, the odds were on Gaziev to defeat Booth. But that’s not how the cards played off, yet that didn’t matter for Fakhreddine. After wanting a fight with Gaziev, he now he wants to fight “The Bomber”!

Whilst the press conference was taking place, Fakhreddine took his turn on the mic and directly dropped the request on Brave CEO Mohamed Shahid:

Mohammad Fakhreddine:

“We all saw Carl booth’s knockout tonight, it was an amazing fight. I have a question though, how about me versus him for the title!”

Shahid did seem enthusiastic about the idea of a fight between them but he left the door open for anything to happen in the future. Englishman Booth also gave his approval for the fight saying he will be ready to take on anyone at any time.

Mohammed then followed up saying: “How About Brave 4?”

In turn, Booth replied: “How About Brave 2.5?”, a response that fired up the fighters and press present in the room.

This can turn out to be one hell of a main event fight, yet a match up that also makes sense would be Booth Vs Jarrah 2. This rematch will surely have its own story behind it. What will the promoters do? And here’s another question to think about, didn’t Desert Force issue a statement claiming Fakhreddine is still under contact? How on earth is he calling out fighters in other organizations, ehem.

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