Mohammad Fakhreddine Urges Ottman Azaitar to Defend Title


Mohammed Fakhreddine released a video addressing the potential dream match between Abdul Kareem Al Selwady and Ottman Azaitar. Mohammed Fakhreddine shares a close proximity with both the fighters and expressed his interest to see the fight take place. The dream match was supported by fighters and coaches including the welterweight title contender, Jarrah Al Selawe and bantamweight fighter, Jalal Al Daaja.

Abdul Kareem Al Selwady accepted his interest to make the fight a reality. However Ottman ignored the challenge and kept his silence avoiding a potential confrontation with Selwady. Selwady is evaluated to have an upper hand in the confrontation due to his strong base in wrestling against the wild brawling style of Ottman Azaitar. A defeat will be critical for Ottman who cherish his 11 fight undefeated professional record. Ottman has allegedly avoided major challenges including a potential face off against Luan Santiago after holding the title. As of now the brother of UFC fighter, Abu Azaitar is the only champion in Brave Combat Federation yet to defend his championship.

In the video, Fakhreddine pointed out that Ottman Azaitar had not defended the championship at Brave Combat Federation and had avoided competing in the lightweight division, but competed in the welterweight division in his homeland at Brave 14. The potential dream match was even supported by His Highness Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa. Currently the lightweight division is heavily enforced with latest athlete signings including Godofredo Pepey and Djamil Chan and is heavily contested.

“I think it will be a really good fight. With all my due respect, if that fight happens I see Selwady winning all the way. I like Ottman. He is a great guy, a great fighter but I don’t find any reason why he shouldn’t take that fight. He is the champion. He has to defend his belt one way or the other to anybody who is on top two or top three. And I believe Selwady is number one right now behind the champion. He will be champion very soon if he face Ottman. But if Ottman doesn’t take the fight, he must just forfeit the belt. You cannot be a champion and not fight or not try to defend the belt. He fought in Morocco at the welterweight where he should have fought lightweight. I think Ottman must either take the fight or vacate the belt”, said Mohammed Fakhreddine.

Fakhreddine who had recently shared the training camp at Fortis MMA in Dalas, Texas alongside Abdul Kareem Al-Selwady is set to make his comeback at Brave Combat Federation at Brave 16 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Fakhreddine will face the breakout star from Dagestan, Russia – Gadzhimusa Gaziev on 21st September at Brave 16.

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