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Mohammad Ghorabi Loses Via KO to David Willmot at Phoenix 2


Phoenix Championship ( Phoeni 2 ) on April 29 was a spectacle that enthralled and shocked all Lebanese fans. And suddenly the crowd went silent as Mohammad “Da Killa” Ghorabi got knocked out.

The co-main event which held the battle of Mohammad Ghorabi verses David Willmot stripped our Lebanese fighter of achieving his goal. This much wanted win on his homeland, when a twist of fate took place at the very end of the first round.

The Nouhad Nawfal Stadium, Zouk, went nuts when one of Lebanon’s favorite fighters made his entrance to ring. He started off the Muay Thai bout with incredible technique, force and dominance. His high level boxing skills allowed his hands to throw timed punches that hit with high accuracy and impact.He followed up with various kicks and counters.

Ghorabi caught a kick of Willmot’s and aggressively tripped him to the floor, several times. Though U.K’s Willmot had good defense he seemed to be a little out of his element. Possibly he was not used to the stable intensity that Ghorabi displayed from the get go. Willmot was being dominated by Ghorabi, taking combos of punches and kicks, that had the crowd cheering in pure delight.

During the last 10 seconds of the first round, Willmot threw a long range left hook that took Ghorabi down instantaneously. A beautiful win for the U.K national, a major loss for Lebanon’s.

Mohammad Ghorabi is known for finishing opponents out, not the other way around. It happened only once during his professional career and that was by Mounir “the Sniper” Lazzez. It is a rare occurrence, yet tonight fans witnessed it in shock.

The night went on to see the main event, Saenchai verse Aziz Hlali, both jesters which lightened the mood of the crowd after Ghorabi’s loss.

Phoenix 2 was an event that saw incredible skill, technique and pure force in action. For recaps and a chance to see the fights again, stay tuned only on ArabsMMA.

The co-main went like this !!! Willmott knocks out Ghorabi with one punch !!! #phoenix2

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