Mohammad Yahya, No. 1 Lightweight Contender


After his third straight victory in Desert Force, the last being in Abu Dhabi over Ahmad Alboussairy, it cannot be argued that Mohammad Yahya is now clearly in the picture for the 70 KG lightweight title contention.

Finishing his fight via first round TKO, Mohammad Yahya’s fight wasn’t easy especially since Alboussairy seemingly had him in a tight armbar. Not only did Yahya manage to escape, but he kept his exposure, moved to full mount and landed the bombs that got him the stoppage. Yahya, as usual, was calm throught the fight and requested a title shot immediately after.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen the lightweight champion, Tarek Hamdi, in action inside the Desert Force cage. Much controversies have been revolving around his last two fight wins with the bite allegations. Doubtlessly, Hamdi has something to offer, having come back as an underdog to win Al Academia season 1 and make his way to win the Desert Force 70 KG title crest, a lot of people still feel that the champion has still not been really tested though he managed to prove the fans expectations wrong in every encounter he has been in. Could this be the perfect test for both Hamdi, the champ and Yahya, the challenger?

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