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Brave President Mohammed Shahid Back To Training In Full Health

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The last time we saw KHK MMA CEO and Brave Combat Federation president, Mohammed Shahid compete in an MMA fight was in 2015 at Super Fight League 38: India vs Pakistan, where he knocked out his Paki opponent in the opening round. After that fight, Mohammed Shahid (4-2-0) suffered a serious shoulder injury that required invasive surgery.

KHK MMA’s official Facebook page has released yesterday a video of CEO Mohammed Shahid hitting the mitts and working his way back to fitness after the long hiatus. The post was captioned:

“Good to be back hitting the mitts after 2 years burning some body fat – CEO KHK MMA Mohammed Shahid drilling his way to the comeback”

Now that “The Hawk” is officially back to training, questions swirl as KHK MMA hint that Shahid is up for a comeback!

Will we see him fighting again?

Throughout the 24 months of being away from the combat grounds, Shahid was pursuing a different quest. He has lead on building Brave Combat Federation from the grounds up, bringing the vision of His Highness Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa to fruitition. Brave CF’s tale could be recounted as one of the most inspiring stories of Mixed Martial Arts promotions. Born in Bahrain, Brave Combat Federation was conceived to give a true global platform for MMA talents around the world.

Since its launch in September 2016, the promotion has hosted 8 events including stops in Brazil, Mexico, Kazakhstan, UAE, and India.

Stay tuned as we reach out to Mohammad Shahid to know more about his next plans!

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