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Mohammed Shahid: Brave Combat Federation’s Next Stop Is Ireland

During the BRAVE – KHK MMA press conference in Dublin, Ireland, which took place one week before Brave 1‘s due date, BRAVE Combat Federation’s CEO & President Mohammed Shahid discusses the promotion’s success and plans to expand in Ireland and worldwide.

For Mohammed Shahid, KHK’s vision is to let fighters live the lives of any other athlete out there, be it football, basketball, cricket, or any other sport. Brave Combat Federation is bringing down the best fighters, and allowing those fighters to get the support they need. In a multi-national country like Bahrain, fighters get the encouragement of their own fight fans.

“September 23rd is going to be a historic day in Bahrain as Brave brings the world to Bahrain.”

“We’ve also got embassies and governments to support the fighters.”

“We’re promoting these athletes in such a way that their fans understand their roots and culture, and their road to Brave.”

On plans to bring Brave to Ireland, Shahid said:

“My goal of coming to Dublin, in a country where MMA is having the biggest impact, is to show the world the fighters that we’re talking about. Ireland is a country that knows its fighters well, and the rest world will talk about Irish fighters. Our plan is to tell the story, not to look for one.”

With an already sold out event in Brahrain, Brave’s mission is to go out there and show the world what they stand for.

“Brave Combat Federation is going to be a global force in the next couple of years.”

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