Phoenix 5 Makes World History at Rajadmnern, Bangkok

Having landed at the prestigious and legendary Rajadamnern stadium in Thailand, Phoenix delivered its biggest Muay Thai event to date in what is certainly considered as the most notable Muay Thai stadium in the world.

Being the 2nd ever foreign promotion to be allowed to hold an event inside Rajadmnern, Phoenix 5, headed by its president Mr. Chahe Yerevanian, broke a lot of records and made some loud noise that reverbed straight from Thailand to the entire world.

The Phoenix 5 fight card held 9 scheduled professional Muay Thai contests, including both national and international fighters. Among the bouts were 6 Phoenix World Title fights and a Rajadmnern Stadium Title match. The event broadcasted on Thai Tv Channel 5 and TGN, streamed on

An eye catching fight for the crowd was the bout between Yassine Boughanem, the younger brother of the famous Yousseff Boughanem, against Steve “Panda” Banks. The audience was drawn to the size of the two men battling it out, as it’s rare for them to see heavyweights of over 200 pounds each fighting at the Rajadmnern Stadium. Yassine Boughanem managed to out-score Steve “Panda” Banks in an extremely entertaining fight, grabbing the victory and the cheers of the fans inside the arena.


In another decision victory, Goana PK Saenchai Muay Thai gym defeated Superbank Rattana-bandit. Goana was able to impose his will throughout the fight, neutralizing his opponent’s infamous Thai clinch game and frustrating him throughout the match.

Co-main event fighter Youssef Boughanem cemented his place as an even more accomplished fighter through defending his 160 lbs title against Noppakaw Siriluck Muay Thai via a 3rd round devastating KO. The KO was delivered as Noppakaw was forced against the ropes, waving away at the Boughanem who sent him down without a moment’s hesitation, showing absolutely no mercy and ending the fight through a series of violent attacks. Not only that, but Noppakaw was sent to the hospital post-fight due to a broken rib (We wish him a quick recovery). Now, Boughanem holds 3 titles, the WBC Muay Thai title, the Phoenix Championship title and the Rajadmnern title.


Finally, the much anticipated main event locked Seksan Or Kwan-muang against Panpayak Sitchefbunthem. Seskan kept relentlessly driving forward aggressively, but he eventually fell short against his opponent. Seskan’s mouthpiece was knocked out of his teeth on multiple occasions in the 4th and 5th rounds of the contest (Which is considered as a show of weakness in Thailand). With his victory, Panapayak was able to grab the Phoenix World Title at 134 lbs along with the WBC Muay Thai belt.

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