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Phoenix: Biggest MuayThai Reality Show to come

phoenix 2 saenchai reality show

Chahe Yerevanian, the President of ‘ Phoenix ‘ promotion, posted a picture on Facebook yesterday, May 14, hinting that the biggest Muay Thai reality show in the world is #coming soon #Phoenixtv.

The Phoenix promotion has already held two very successful events. ” The first included MMA and Muay Thai bouts with major international and regional names, and the second focused only on Muay Thai. The recent second event “Phoenix 2” was headlined with such icons as the legendary Saenchai, as well as Musipon Pakron and Antonina Shevchenko who both took home WMC World Titles. It enjoyed a massive turn out of fans, and numerous big media names broadcasted it across the world.

The surprising announcement of a possible reality show based on Muay Thai around the world has left everyone on the edge of their seats. Phoenix championship started out as a promotion of both MMA and Muay Thai, but after the recent ban of MMA in Lebanon the promotion focused on Muay Thai epic match ups alone. It has also been hinted that the third installment of Phoenix could take place outside of Lebanon, possibly in Armenia or Dubai, which will no doubt begin the journey of world wide events. Could that mean it will include both MMA and MuayThai bouts again?

Muay Thai is a brutal and entertaining Martial Arts that is superb to watch, as seen through out the night of Phoenix 2, but the question is why wasn’t MMA also included in the massive announcement of a world wide reality show? What plan does this superstar organisation have up it’s sleeve? A reality show based on the training and dynamics behind the scene of Muay Thai fighters will definitely have many fans tuned in for every second.

Stay tuned to find out more, only on ArabsMMA.

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