Possible Revenge Fight: Ali Alhadi vs Bandar Alsadoun


Rumors about the long awaited re-match between Bandar Al Saadoun and Ali Alhadi are spreading like wild-fire. Ever since the not so controversial bite that Saadoun delivered to Alhadi on the last Desert Force Al Academia show, which stunned Alhadi and gave Saadoun the perfect opportunity to make his TKO finish, Alhadi has been probably dreaming day and night about getting his hands on Saadoun once again inside the cage.

In Al Academia, there was bad blood between these two and a lot of talk was made pre-fight. Their fight also looked promising and entertaining before Saadoun’s bite and could have been a good win for either of these two that would see him advance into the semi-finals.

Both these fighters have not appeared on Desert Force since the shocking ending of the show, where Saadoun also used some unconventional, some might say, dirty tactics, to hurt the light weight (70 KG) favorite Elie El Rayess and cause Alsadoun to be disqualified from the bout.

It makes a lot of sense for a fight to take place between these two where this issue can be properly settled once and for all. If it happens, this will surely be one of the most anticipated fights in Desert Force and earn an unquestionable direct place on the main card of the show. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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