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Rami Hamed Talks ‘JAB’ and Desert Force

ArabsMMA had the chance to interview the one and only Rami ” The Russian ” Hamed as he attended the announcement ceremony of the newly formed ‘JAB’. JAB is a new team and gym said to open in August, and we grabbed the chance to hear Hamed’s thoughts about this next move, after having been out of the spot light for a little while.

Hamed has worked with coach Aly Makhzoum, one of the owners of JAB, over the course of his professional career as an MMA fighter. Makhzoum was always behind the scenes for the big fights, with his striking talent training ability.

“Its going to be a big team, big impact on the Middle East. We have good coaches, good trainers, good fighters. Getting some high level grapplers and wrestlers from abroad, so keep posted – you will hear the big news, you will be shocked. We have the trainers, Aly, John Haddad and all the other guys. Together i think if we work together hand in hand, it will be the best team in the Middle East,we have everything it takes, and im positive about it “.

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