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Road To Brave 5 India, Hadbi vs. Booth

road to brave 5 hadbi vs booth

With only 2 days to go, Brave Combat Federation 5, Mumbai, India, has a short personal introduction for the fans of the two welterweight main fight combatants. We get to see into the everyday experience, personal lives and the days leading up to what will be an epic matchup between Tahar Hadbi and Carl Booth.

Much of the support that keeps them motivated and ready to give top performances comes from their loved ones and excellent trainers and coaches who keep them in tip-top shape mentally and physically for the battles to come. Both of these top fighters in the days leading up to a fight, spend time finishing up with their last of their training routines and begin there down time to ensure a perfect performance.

Tahar Hadbi “Fast Hands”, the French Algerian MMA fighter who resides in Paris, trains and represents one of the best club in France, MMA Factory. His record stands (13-6-0) as of today, with his last fight won via Decision against Yuki Sasaki in the AOW – Art of War 18. This is the first time Hadbi will make an appearance in the exceptional Brave CF promotion that is grabbing global attention. His nickname “Fast Hands” comes from “his one-two specialty and his very dangerous boxing skills” says his team mate and UFC veteran Mickael Lebout. Francis Ngannou, UFC fighter who has spent much time with Hadbi as a training partner and team mate commented with confidence “for his next fight, I don’t care about. I am sure about it, I know what he can and is able to do, and he can do the job”.

In this brief video shows Hadbi fans how he starts his day spending time his wife and child, making breakfast fit for an athlete and of course part taking in his daily pray time. A spiritual and family man, he takes the time to visit his mother and sister for the strength and support that only family can truly provide the soul. After an eight week training camp in MMA Factory, Paris, with experienced physical trainers and coaches has allowed him to reach the right level and more than fit and ready for this fight to come.

Carl Booth “The Bomber” the English welterweight fighter from Nottingham MMA gym, lives in Nottingham. With a record of (7-1-0) he was last seen making an impact in the Brave 2; Dynasty performance where he won via KO against Gadzhimusa Gaziev.

He comes from a family of martial arts practitioners that made it an inevitable part of life. His passion for fighting has become his stable form of income, and having met his long time girlfriend he explains that she has been a factor of focus and motivation keeping him straight and dedicated to the sport. He too starts his mornings with his lady who is his ultimate supporter constantly pushing him with the affection that provides a fighter to go far beyond their innate talent.

A little interesting fact about Booth, he admits the love he has for junk food, which may be one of the harder things he has had to cut from his diet as a professional fighter. Being in the cage makes him feel like the some of the movies he used to watch as a kid like Gladiators. He derives pleasure from being in the cage, win or lose.

Booth says “I want to get into a proper war with this guy [Hadbi] and show him what I am made of. I already know that people in the weight category are kind of avoiding me so they will be more so when they see what I made of.”

Both fighters have big dreams and they will stop at nothing to make it happen. The equivalent mind determination will definitely make this battle of dreams of these two well prepped Brave warriors, taking the standards to new heights like the Brave CF itself dictates.

This fight will headline Brave 5 ” Go For Glory ” which is set to take place on April 23 in Mumbai, India. Don’t blink as this main event 5×5 fight will not go the distance!

More about this event on this link.

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