In Which Round Did Hadbi Break His Arm?


Brave Combat Federation released the full fight video of the co-main event of Brave 12 hosted in Jakarta, Indonesia. The event showcased the welterweight bout between Tahar Hadbi and Jarrah Al Selawe. The fight showcased intense standup performance between the two welterweight warriors. While Jarrah was fighting his fifth bout in Brave Combat Federation, Hadbi was returning to the promotion after his much talked victory against Mohammed Fakhreddine.

The first two rounds ensured intense striking game between the two fighters. In all the three rounds Hadbi defended every takedown attempt from Jarrah, proving superiority over the grappling department. However in the third round, Jarrah Al Selawe gained complete domination over Tahar Hadbi to emerge victorious by unanimous decision. A debate ensured soon after Hadbi revealed that he had broken his left arm in the first round there by missing his opportunity to perform to gain victory. However Jarrah Al Selawe released a statement in Arabs MMA claiming that the hand was broken in the third round and he exactly knows when it broke.

The heated debate was soon joined by MMA fighters, coaches and media in the Middle East including coaches of Jarrah Al Selawe, fighters from the welterweight division including Mohammed Fakhreddine and more. The instance was exclusively covered by Arabs MMA. Brave Combat Federation had finally released the complete fight footage of Tahar Hadbi vs. Jarrah Al Selawe. What do you think about the fight and when do you think Hadbi had injured his left?

Watch the video here:

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