Sallah Dekhissi After Surgery: Even on One Leg, I Will Break Karaki’s Mouth


As revealed on, middleweight fighters Salaheddine Dekhissi and Mohammad Karaki are set to lock horns in Abu Dhabi, UAE, for the Phoenix 6 middleweight title this April. The two men have traded a few verbal barbs since the bout was announced earlier in January, and it seems Dekhissi may have turned things up a notch in his latest tirade.

In an Instagram post shared today by Salaheddine, the Moroccan published a photo of himself inside the hospital. The caption stated that he had undergone a surgery, while re-assuring his followers that the fight will proceed as planned, and telling Mohammad Karaki that even on one leg, he will break his mouth!

Salaheddine Dekhissi:

“Thank God the operation went well. As for my fight, it will not be cancelled. Karaki, even on one leg, I will break your mouth!”

Dekhissi Vs. Karaki promises to be one of the most exciting fights of that night! Phoenix 6 Abu Dhabi will take place on the 5th of April, 2017 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Stay tuned for the full fight card to be officially released soon.

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