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Sami Antar pops-up, calls out “Fat Boy” Abu Shreekh for Phoenix 4

Abu Shreekh and Antar

Abu Shreekh could be the luckiest fighter on next Friday’s “Phoenix 4 Dubai” card.

It was announced yesterday that the heavyweight fight between Amine Nacheb and Yousef Abu Shreekh will not be happening. The reason behind this bout being cancelled is visa related complications with the Tunisian fighter Nacheb. This left Abu Shreekh with no dancing partner, less than a week until the party…then this happened.

A potential volunteer looking to save the day pops out of nowhere. Sami Antar, another Tunisian fighter is interested in replacing Nacheb for a fight barely one week’s notice.

Holding an undefeated professional record of 3-0, Antar made the headlines back in 2014 by calling out Desert Force light heavyweight and middleweight champion Mohammad Karaki for a fight, and he got his wish. Nevertheless, due to an injury suffered by Antar, the fight actually never ended up happening and we have not seen or heard much of Antar since then.

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Learning that Nacheb is out, Antar posted an aggressive worded comment on Nacheb’s fight cancellation announcement, challenging Abu Shreekh and proposing a fight. The post was followed up by some back and forth comments from both Antar and Abu Shreekh. Check out what these two said to each other below:

Now it’s up for Phoenix matchmaker to decide whether or not this fight will take place. It’s also worth mentioning that Sami Antar stepping up on one week notice to fight as a heavyweight is pretty impressive. He originally fights at light heavyweight.

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