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Suleiman set to compete in Morocco at Brave 14

Tarek Suleiman (1)

Tarek Suleiman has confirmed that he will be competing at Brave 14 hosted in Tangier, Morocco on 18th August. The Middleweight fighter from Syria was scheduled to compete at Brave 13 hosted in Belfast against Chad Hanekom, however a career threatening shoulder injury prevented him from competing during the event. Suleiman had confirmed that he has completely healed earlier this month. After his successful recovery he had competed in the Quintet team grappling survival tournament taking place at Shibuya, Tokyo representing the Team Tiger Muay Thai.

Having fought in most of the promotions based in the Middle East, Suleiman is among the first generation of mixed martial artists from the Middle East. Having an experience of 12 fights in his career, he will be making his second appearance in Brave Combat Federation. He is a silver medalist in the Arab World Championship in Kickboxing Sanda Wushu and is a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

“I am confident and experienced to make my return and make an impact in the promotion. This as a great opportunity to represent my nation Syria on a global platform. Brave Combat Federation is among the platforms that give opportunities to athletes beyond the barriers of nationality and language. Being the sole representative from Syria is an honour. I aim to move ahead with victories to claim my opportunity when a championship is introduced in the Middleweight division. To fight in the continent of Africa will definitely be a milestone in my career.”, said Suleiman.

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