Tahar Hadbi Rips Up Carl Booth and Mohammad Fakhreddine (Explicit)

Tonight, Carl “The Bomber” Booth will take on the cage at Brave 8 in a historic title fight that could see him being crowned as the first welterweight champion of Brave Combat Federation. He faces Guiana’s Carlston Harris who stepped in as a late replacement for Mohammed Fakhreddine.

Booth was initially set to face Mohammad Fakhreddine for the inaugural welterweight title, before Fakhreddine fell ill during the weight cut and was deemed unable to compete.

In his latest appearance, Booth faced Tahar Hadbi in a fight that ended in controversy, with Hadbi requesting a rematch for the title.

Tahar Hadbi felt he was passed over for a crack at Carl Booth’s welterweight title in favor of Mohammad Fakhreddine, and, unsurprisingly, it isn’t sitting well with him. Hadbi expressed his fury yesterday via a post on his personal facebook page:


In a video message sent to ArabsMMA, he had some pointed words about both competitors and the fight itself:

“The title fight between Carl Booth and Mohammad Fakhreddine is ridiculous. I was supposed to face Carl Booth for the rematch.

How can Brave Combat Federation give Mohammad Fakhreddine the shot, the fat bellied guy who couldn’t even make weight.”

Check out what he had to say in the video above.

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