Tahar Hadbi | I Wanted To Be The First To Finish Mohammad Fakhreddine

Tahar Hadbi (14-6) made history on Friday March 2, 2018 when he became the first fighter to knock out Mohammad Fakhreddine. Hadbi produced a destructive combination of punches capped by thunderous elbows that forced the referee to put an end to the fight at Brave 10: The Kingdom rises which went down in Amman, Jordan. It was Fakhreddine’s first knockout finish in 12 professional fights.

Tahar Hadbi:

“I knew no one would be able to finish Mohammad Fakhreddine, but I wanted to be the first fighter to finish him. I trained very hard, and I want to prove to everybody that I am the best fighter out there in the Middle East.”

Commenting on the questionable stoppage by the referee, Hadbi commented:

“I think the stoppage was not early, I hit Fakhreddine very hard. Just a few moments before the stoppage, Fakhreddine was dazed.”

With the victory, Hadbi is in a perfect title contention position. Yet, although he believes Jarrah Al Selawi is more deserving of the shot currently with 4 wins at Brave CF, Hadbi is ready to take on anyone, at any time.

“Jarrah Al Selawi deserves to fight for the welterweight title, he holds four back to back wins in the promotion. But if he wants me, why not. I am happy to fight him any time.”

Watch the video, and check out what Hadbi had to say about ending one of the biggest rivalries in the Middle East in a touching hug.


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