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Tai Chi destroyed by MMA; Death Threats Made

Tai chi kungfu vs MMA

A fight between a Tai Chi master and an MMA practitioner took place recently, that left the martial art form of the East in shame. In under 10 seconds, Tai Chi master Wei Lei was aggressively knocked to the floor and pummeled by Mixed martial arts fighter Xu Xiaodong. This has caused an outrage across China, leading to death threats for the victor who has now gone into hiding. The Chinese culture has been disrespected.

The debate between which of the various disciplines of martial arts “out rank” one another has always been a topic of conversation heard by different practitioners. You hear fighters saying MMA, the newer evolved fighting discipline made up of all components is the ultimate martial art, some are called brutal like Muay Thai, others are named flimsy like Taekwondo, and others are deemed completely useless like Chinese Tai Chi. For all those MMA fighters and fans out there that have wondered if the martial art of Tai chi has some form of magical powers when it comes to real physical fighting, this video shows it all.

Should it spark as major of a back lash from the Chinese culture? It was only one fight, one Tai Chi practitioner who didn’t stand a chance against the MMA opponent. It is unlikely the same reaction would have been the case if the reverse had happened. On the contrary, if a Master of Tai Chi won against a MMA fighter in under 10 seconds, everyone on earth would be surprised and have a positive reaction to Tai Chi. Martial Arts are based on different philosophies and different styles of fighting. Death threats should never be the outcome.

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