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Tarek Suleiman – Tiger Muay Thai

Tarek Suleiman newly joined Team Tiger Muay Thai , Thailand to take his training to yet another level.After fighting out of WE academy Lebanon who currently operate under the name “Tristar Lebanon” , Tarek currently trains and fights as a full timer at Tiger Muay thai. With 6 Rings, 100’s of meters of mat space, MMA cage, 36 workout stations, nearly 30 trainers, Tiger Muay Thai now ranks as one of the best Muay Thai and MMA training camps in all of Thailand. Along with the world class instructors Brian ebersole , Roger Huerta and the list of fighters and greats goes on and on … Tiger Muay Thai serves as a family for each and every fighter visiting or living there. Tarek “Aslan” Suleiman ready for action!

Tarek has all it takes to become one of the Top Fighters in Asia at Middleweight!!!

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