Team Mirza And Shogun Strike Up An Affiliation

Two of the most renowned mixed martial arts teams in the Middle East


Two of the most renowned mixed martial arts teams in the Middle East, Jordan’s Team Mirza and Lebanon’s Team Shogun, have officially entered a long term affiliation.

Known for their excellent Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training in Jordan, and high level Muay Thai in the Arab world , both teams have surely alot to share with one another.

Headed by Master Sami Kiblawi, Shogun is an MMA gym which is very well known in the region for its supreme Muay Thai skills. The gym is home to many local and Arab champions who excelled in their martial arts career.

This affiliation will not only benefit the fighters from both teams by filling the gaps in the armor of their game, but will surely accelerate their development at an insane level. The main highlight of this affiliation is – BJJ program at Shogun will now be under Team Mirza Of Jordan, as well as Shogun BJJ fighters will be competing under Team Mirza in local and regional BJJ competitions.

This could also mean that we will see the likes of Mohmmad “The Killer” Ghorabi and Mohammad “O Lutador” Karaki sparring with Abdul Kareem Alselwady and Hachem Arkhagha in the near future, not to mention the regular visits both here and there that will boost theBJJ and mixed martial arts scene and give us so much exciting news to talk about, write about and cover!

This is an excellent step forward from both sides. Besides shedding light on how fast this sport is growing, it also shows a genuine care from everybody in the Arab region to push our fighters to the next level so that they may compete with top world other athletes and hopefully, conquer the mixed martial arts platform in the near future.

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