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“The Source MMA” To Compete Under “Fabricio International Team”

Fabricio International Team


The Source MMA team has recently announced that the Source MMA fighters will be competing from this point forward under Fabricio International Team (FIT).

Fabricio International Team is created by Fabricio Martins, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coral belt under Master Osvaldo Alves. Martins’ team currently has affiliates all over the world, including Germany, Jordan, the Philippines, Taiwan, Belgium, United States, Canada, Montenegro, Peru, Palestine and Korea.

In the year of 2014 Fabricio decided to unify all the gyms under his belt to create the Fabricio International Team in order to compete the big events on IBJJF. With gyms all over the world Fabricio organized the team to fight under one flag, strong and united.

Coach Samy Al Jamal:

“Our students and competitors will now be competing under our larger umbrella in BJJ which is Fabricio International Team (FIT). We have united the team The Dojo Academy/The Source MMA under FIT. We are now registered in all major organizations in the world inclusively Abu Dhabi. This is an Effort to create a bigger and stronger team which can actually compete and rank among other big teams. As you know we have more than 400 Black belts and many schools around the world which will be combining their competitors under FIT JJ umbrella. Together we will be stronger and everyone will benefit from a strong international team.”

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