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Wehbe Victim Of Referee Mistake At Battle Field FC

Wehbe victim of referee mistake
Wehbe victim of referee mistake

Despite being used to shameful referee decisions in Mixed Martial Arts, this referee stoppages which took place on March 18, in Korea at Battle Field Fighting Championship was still quit bizarre! Yousef Wehbe was handed a submission loss on his record even though he clearly had not tapped to the key lock attempt by Jorge Patino.

In fact, the stoppage came with just 10 seconds left for the first round to end. Nonetheless, it was certainly not harmful enough to force Wehbe to tap.

“The stoppage was extremely confusing,” Wehbe said after the fight. “I did not tap. When the ref jumped in and tried to stop it I was extremely confused and verbally told him, i did not tap, multiple times.

Wehbe simply could not understand what went wrong. He informed the referee that he did not tap, yet ultimately still decided to put an end to the proceedings. He then started running around the cage furiously shouting ” I did not tap, that is not a win ! ”

Given the frustrating situation, Wehbe will attempt to overturn the decision to a no contest. Such a blemish should definitely be remove from a fighters record. However, we are all human, and so are the referees. We all make mistakes, and so do they. With that being said, it is always sad to see fighters stripped of months of preparation and commitment.

Watch the fairly match fight and share with us your opinion on that finish. Was it by any change a fair decision ?

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