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Wissam Abi Nader: “Ahmad Saeb Is Just Another Person Standing in Our Way”

Tristar Gym lebanon has had its ups n downs last year with some unfortunate losses


While Tristar Gym Lebanon had its share of ups and downs in 2014, the team proved to be among the best with some memorable highlight reel wins. The latest of those victories was achieved by the new face in the bantamweight division, Georges Bardawil, who earned the Al academiya Season 2 title with style. Tristar is now set on a new mission, this time with Georges Eid getting ready to face Iraqi Ahmed Saeb at Desert Force 15 in Abu Dhabi on February 9.

Bardawil was one of the two contestants out of Tristar Gym to take part in Al Academiya Season 2. He was the black horse of the division who came back to conquer. On a previous occasion, Abi Nader had predicted a great future for this up and coming talent in the 61 KG division of Desert Force.

“Bardawil’s cage fight debut was in this show” claims Tristar head coach Wissam Abi Nader, he fought on amateur level back then yet his performance in the finals was that of a professional. He was dedicated every day to train 5-6 hours, and this showed in his fight. His evolution between how he showed up at Desert Force Al Academiya and how he got ready for the finals is proof of his talent, hard work and dedication.”

“This kid can do great things on a professional level. Our eyes are on the title.”

Abi Nader’s latest appearance in a Desert Force event was in UAE, when Eid faced Mohammad Fakhreddine with a controversial ending to the fight. Early stoppage or not, the decision was final and here’s a link for you guys to check it out again. Eid is currently overlooking this past incident and getting ready for his upcoming battle at Desert Force 15.

About Eid’s latest fight, Wissam Abi Nader:

I hope such incidents don’t happen again with my fighters or with anyone else. These guys come to give their all, and such mistakes impact them on many different levels, be it mental or physical.

Geerges will prove again that he is back on the right track and heading for that shield, believe me. Ahmad Saeb is just a person standing in his way. We will stand tall at the end of the night!”

Stay tuned on for more on Georges Eid Vs Ahmed Saeb!

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