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Bachir Yammine: I Will Fight Adel Mokni at a Weight Class of His Choice!

Bachir's won 2 of his three MMA bouts, yet has unfinished business with Adel Mokni!


A dominant performance at the Lebanese Pro MMA Cage Fight Night earned Bachir Yammine another consecutive win this year!

Bachir’s won 2 of his three MMA bouts, yet has unfinished business with Adel Mokni who he Drawed previously! Bachir yammine wants to set the record straight with a rematch. Adel Mokni , a name you heard on Al Batal reality show will surely be up to the challenge! These 2 faced each other before at Cage Warrior Fight Night in Beirut, and the fight ended up in a draw. An interview with Yammine , he revealed that he’s open to a rematch anytime m anywhere!So now What!!!!

Bachir, you mentioned in a short clip with that you have unfinished business with Adel Mokni! What’s the story behind that challenge?

Adel Mokni seems to doubt my skills .When i fought him in Cage Warriors, our fight ended up in a Draw , something that i don’t really like! I want to set the record straight with this man , meet him again in the cage and school him with my stand up! Be it in Tunisia , Lebanon , Jordan … Even at any weighclasst he desires! All he has to do is accept the Challenge.


What’s new with your training? We saw a more well rounded Bechir at the Lebanese pro! What’s up with that!?

I am taking my training more seriously now . I started a new training schedule almost 6 months ago , and things are going perfect.As long as injury doesn’t block my way , my hard training will surely show in my next cage appearance.

Any news about a possible fight soon?

My manager was working on another Cage Warriors fight , possibly in Bahrain! This seems to be a problem due to the political situation between the Lebanese Gov. and Bahrain one.Cutting things straight , we are currently open to fighting any Arab at lightweight. I fact , i would like to fight the Capoeira guy , Mallick to show him that the Sanda dance surely looks better than the Capoeira he carries along, haha !

Thank you Bachir for sharing with us your time and updates. Stay tuned for more news on Bachir Yammine on

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