Abdallah Ali Scores Fastest Finish In Al Academiya… and Leaves

After 13 elimination fights in the academy, 13 fighters grind their way to earn a spot in the house


After 13 elimination fights in the academy with 13 fighters grinding their way to earn a spot in the house, two more had to battle it out for what was supposedly the final spot in the featherweight division.

Both were geared up, yet as the fight started it felt like only one of them was willing to go to war!

Maher Salloum Vs Abdallah Mohamed Ali was the fastest fight yet in Al Alacademiya elimination round fights. A boxer with the height advantage sniping the shorter buffer brawler!

It was a a left hook from Abdallah that sent Salloum rolling on the canvas less than 30 seconds into the first round, and forcing him to Tap!

Mohamed Ali had no clue that this punch will be the end of it and seemed ready to carry on, but just like all the viewers, he was surprised to see Salloum tap. Could it be a fractured jaw? Or maybe he swallowed a tooth, still not so sure!

(Watch from 31:35)

Whatever the reason, the bigger loss in this fight is not Salloum going back home! Ali seems to have forfeited after winning this one, and we will not see him continue his journey in the Al Academiya.

I personally wanted to see this guy fight again against any of the exciting fighters that also managed to win and make it through to this stage.

Well, in every TV show there is drama and unconditional events! A lot of great fights will surely come up as 16 exciting fighters have been chosen and sky is the limit with these new talents, the new age athletes. Stay tuned for more on Desert Force Al Academiya Season 2 only on

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