Abdulkareem Al Selwady Lands Crazy Victory Flip, Shocks HH Sheikh Khalid


WHEN it comes to hurling yourself from the top of a two meter-high cage, the expression “look before you leap” can go a long way. Apparently Abdulkareem Al Selwady just learned that 🙂

In his second appearance at Brave Combat Federation, Jordanian Abdulkareem Al Selwady battered Michael Diega-Scheck for a first round TKO victory in one of the most entertaining fights of the night. Immediately after the referee called the fight, Al Selwady showed off his insane agility with a crazy flip over the cage. In neglecting to look over/under his shoulder, Al Selwady hurled on top of Mohammad Shahid and HH Sheikh Khalid Bin Hamad Al Khalifa’s table cage side!

Check out the Sheikh’s reaction in the below video!

Selwady managed to improve his record to 7-1, but his hanging front-flip record stands firmly at 0-1.

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