Abdulkareem Al Selwady | There Will Be Blood Against Rami Aziz At Brave

Earlier this week, it was revealed that former Desert Force featherweight champion, Abdulkareem Al Selwady, jumped ship to join rival up and coming mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion Brave Combat Federation.

The news caught many off guard, as Al Selwady had long been one of the brightest stars in the division and had a healthy relationship with the Desert Force higher-ups. Al Selwady also carries a 5-1 record in his last six outings inside the cage, so his departure was not performance-based.

In fact, the Jordanian has been stuck on the sidelines since May 2015, when he competed opposite French Lois Cadet to earn a unanimous Decision victory against the French.

Al Selwady revealed to ArabsMMA that his time on the shelf has been the result of a lengthy — and ultimately failed — negotiation period with Desert Force, and Brave promotion has successfully stepped in to bring his long awaited grudge match against Rami Aziz to fruitition. And with talks having reached a standstill, “The Hulk” made his intentions clear: there has been a lot of trash talk and he wants to settle this once and for all.

“So yes, there is the big news! I now joined Brave, the new MMA promotion, and what’s even better is that my opponent is Rami Aziz. He called me out various times, and when I wanted to fight I kept having problems with Desert Force about the contract. Desert Force is like my home, all of my fights are there until now and they helped me build my name to where it is now. I started with them, in 2012 and of course once they got to where they are, they started changing things around in the contracts. I won’t get into details, but it wasn’t good. So I had talks with Zaid Abu Soud and he was the one that always used to fix things around with me and Desert Force and we came to an agreement, but the final decisions from top weren’t as we used to agree on, so that’s main reason I haven’t fought since may 2015. But now finally this fight will happen, it is a fight that is very hyped and all of the crowd wants to see.

Abdulkareem said his focus shifted towards good treatment and financials in his new venture with Brave.

“The treatment with Brave is different than Desert Force, it’s a very professionally organized. There is someone to take you around in Bahrain if you need to go train or go anywhere, they had me pick whichever flight made me most comfortable and not to mention the pay is better! So I hope it stays like this and I am honored to be a part of the “next big thing”, I would like to thank Sheik Khalid Hamid Khalifa for the opportunity to fight in this organization.”

As for the how fight will go, Selwady said:

“Rami and I have great experience in the cage, and THERE WILL BE BLOOD!! We are both elite athletes, so if it went the distance there will be a high pace start to finish. I’m not here just to fight and win, I’m going to entertain the fans and give them what to deserve. I am hungrier than ever to get back in there and do what I do best. “

“My camp will be in Jordan. I will be training with my head coaches Ashraf Al Shishani from Shishani Submission Systems and my father Husam Al Selwady. As for grappling, I’m training with Fightx which is the best Jiujitsu Team in Jordan. We are in the works of having my brothers Mohamamd Ghorabi and Mohammad Fakhriddine join us here for the camp.”

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