Abu Dhabi Warriors

Abu Dhabi Warriors FC was created September 2012, under the governing body of UAEJJ Federation. The idea of creating an MMA Promotion in Abu Dhabi and under the UAEJJ was presented long time ago, but needed proper planning and timing.

AD Warriors is a full scale project that will develop with time and will be the potential platform for upcoming talents in the MMA.


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  • i can teach your fighters to strike american style…my boxing academy is in alexandria egypt…facebook page is american professioal boxing and kick boxing academy (captain sultan)

  • Dear Ser/Madam,

    We are ultimate fighter and We have heard lots of good things about your gym. We are a group of highly decorated fighters, world champions and famous young athletes for MMA. We want to arrange some fights in Abu Dhabi but the rules says that we have to be introduced to Fight Clubs by a regional Dubai Club. Do you think you can make the introduction arrangements?
    Below is a list of possible contenders:

    Vugar Karimov, Born at 1992,
    -World champion in 2009 – Pankration in Russia Omsk city,
    – European championship in 2011,
    – World champion in 2011- Pankration in Poland City Krakov,
    -8 wins, 2 Losses among professionals

    Tofik Musayev, Born at 1989,
    – World champion , silver medalist 2010 – Pankration in Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan.
    – -4 wins, 1 Losses among professionals

    Fuad Kadirov, Born at 1987,
    – World champion bronze medalist 2012- Pankration Poland Krakov
    – 9 wins, 2 Losses among professionals

    Akshin Babayev, Born 1986,
    World champion , silver medalist 2010 – Pankration Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan
    – 16 wins, 3 Losses among professionals

    Fore mentioned fighter can travel to Dubai so that you can measure their ability and style.
    We would really appreciate your effort in the arrangement.
    Should you need to ask any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact.


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