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Desert Force has been on hold for a while now as a change in media broadcasters is in the mists. Previously viewed on MBC action, Desert Force has had to prolong the promotions regional fights as a new deal breaks through. To put a fighter’s career on hold as the promotion sorts out the business side of life can have adverse effects. Desert Force champions are switching stances!

What has been going on with the reigning Desert Force champions of the different divisions?  Have they been sitting and waiting, wondering when the next fight will be?
ArabsMMA had the chance to catch up with the Bantamweight champion, the Jordanian Team Narmouq’s Nawras Abzakh, and Heavyweight title holder Amin Nacheb of Tunisia.

Bantamweight Champion: Nawras Abzakh (6-0-0)

Abzakh last competed and won against Brazilian Black Belt Aldir Ramos Jr in a non- title bout at Desert Force 25. This made his fifth win in Desert Force promotion and totals his 6th professional MMA win. His fourth Desert Force win, where he earned his belt, came against Jala Daaja in DF 24 via submission.

“Its taking a long time for them to come back, I have a contract and its my job to honor it, but if after Ramadan we haven’t heard any news or event announcements, things will change.”

As time goes by, Abzakh admits that its slightly damaging for his current status as he hasn’t fought in almost 8 full months.

“That’s not good in this point in my career. If things stay the same , I will fight outside the Middle East, this way its not a direct hit to the promotion. But i cannot stay inactive for a longer time.”

Heavyweight Champion: Amin Nacheb (3-1-0)

This Tunisian well rounded fighter took his title in Desert Force 21 back in March of 2016. Over a year has gone by and the division is yet to have any activity.

“Regarding Desert Force, I have no direct updates from the promotion. I try to stay updated through friends who are close to the company.”

Nacheb did endure a small injury around the time. He was quick to heal and back to training with his team in no time. Nacheb has been keeping busy as he states.

“We had some interesting seminars to keep the expanding knowledge.  BJJ black belt Marcos Olivieira and UFC fighter Jason Ayari conducted seminars at our gym.”

Another update from Nacheb is that he now has new management; “Fight Sport”. Together they are negotiating with other promotions and Championships to get this talent back into the ring.

“Now I have a new management ” Fight Sport “. We are in negotiations with Rizin Championship and ACB for possible fights.”

Concluding Note

A fighter must continue what he is destined to do, no matter the delays of different promotions. To stay in the industry no fighter can sit without the adrenaline action of a cage bout. No other way will provide fighters the opportunity to test and raise their skills, defend or achieve new titles, or keep their body and mind sharp.

Stay tuned only on Arabsmma for any new developments of DF champions.

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