ADFC 4 Cancelled – Who Makes Up For the Fighters?


After officially deciding to re-organize Abu Dhabi Fighting Championship – ADFC 4 who was supposedly coming back with force this year, a number of fighters who were scheduled to take part of the event found themselves in a training camp abroad but without an upcoming fight!

Marcos Oliveira, the most famous MMA figure in UAE was part of the upcoming Fight Card. He recently revealed to ArabsMMA that he actually had to leave his wife and family to go for a training camp in Brazil as part of getting ready for his well awaited comeback. The Brazilian was not happy at all with this change as he called it a “JOKE”.

Ammar Tchalabi also was part of this card! Tchalabi who was getting ready for his next fight traveled to Istanbul, Turkey to train along side Chekmat World BJJ Champ Ibrahim Inal and other guys including wrestling and Judo and Muay Thai champs. So where does that leave him now ? Rumor has it that he might fight in Desert Force, yet will this be in January or March?!

So what happens when promotions tend to re-organize or re-schedule events?! Be it Desert Force , ADFC or XYZQ, what happens to the fighters who paid money planning to make money! Organisations needs to stick to their time lines since its not fair on fighters or reimburse them for the training costs if a card is cancelled. Fighters also need in their contract a certain number of fights in a certain number of time to be fair to force companies to not cancel.

But who takes care of the fighters? That is the question!

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