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Lebanon’s Ahmed Labban Lives up to his Hype At Phoenix 2

One of Lebanon’s well loved fighters, Ahmed Labban, recently participated in Phoenix 2, on April 29. With a wonderful, usual, display of athletic ability and flexibility, this young fighter at 76kgs confidently made his entrance to the battle ring with Rami Hamed at his side. the crowd cheered him on with incredibly delight, as he approached his Muay Thai bout against Egypt’s Ahmed Ibrahim, with an expression of ease and excitement across his face.

Upon entering the ring he happily gave the Lebanese crowd a quick preview of the show to come with a few kicks before the bell rang to begin the fight. The first round saw a lot of energy radiating from Labban as his opponent seemed to be slightly more reserved, watching and reading his opponent. Though Ibrahim dodged a few of Labban’s first kicks and got the first in, Labban promptly returned and knocked the Egyptian down.

Various flexible and aggressive kicks with high accuracy continually flew from the Lebanese, leaving Ibrahim on the floor another two times. Beautiful execution, massive talent and agility from Labban left Ibrahim with the clear knowledge that he was no match for our inspirational Lebanese fighter. Ahmed Labban called it before he entered the ring, gave the crowd the show he is well respected for, and yet again left with another win on his record by TKO. The hype about him is real and he has proven it once again.

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