All Eyes On The Shevchenko Sisters, Phoenix 2


One of the well known Russian born female fighters, born to a family of female Martial Artists, Antonina “Panther” Shevshenko, arrived in Lebanon last week for her unbelievable Muay Thai fight against Swedish Isa Keskikangas. The second installment of Phoenix promotion took place on April 29, and witnessed a parade of excellence in Muay thai skill, but one bout stole the attention of all watching; the only female fight for the WMC World Title and Phoenix MuayThai World Title belts.

The Russian Kyrgyzasyni fighter, resident of Peru, Shevshenko won the title of both belts. She showed her higher natural ability in the ring from the get go. She seemed incredibly in her element, moving with such grace and ease known only to the elite of professional Thai boxers. With dominant control through out all rounds in the clinch technique, punch, kicks and sweeps, this aggressive lady of the ring demonstrated not only superior Thai boxing skill but also faster reflexes, precision and strength.

Keskikangas couldn’t get a kick in without being tripped, nor dodge many straights planted directly where Shevshenko had targeted. Nothing less could be expected from the daughter of Elena Shevchenko, a black belt 3rd Dan in Taewondo and President of the National Kyrgyzasyn IFMA Muay Thai Federation. Her sister is none other than Valentina Shevchenko the infamous UFC fighter, who was right there with her in her corner.

All eyes were on these super sisters as they made a spark with heavy media attention. We even got the chance to film Valentina Shevchenko giving a seminar in Team Shogun’s gym, offering her expertise in MMA and Muay Thai techniques to some of Lebanon’s best MMA and Muay Thai fighters. Check out the clip of the seminar below.

A wonderful push for all the Lebanese females who have recently been increasing in numbers as they venture into what was previously a male dominated sport in the country.

Stay tuned for more only on ArabsMMA.

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