Al Academiya Winners Drive Away with a Ford Ranger

Now you can add Desert Force’s “Al Academiya 2” to that short list of legendary exceptions


Most of us agree – with only a handful of exceptions (‘The Godfather Part 2,’ for example), sequels aren’t usually as good as the original productions they sprang from. But now you can add Desert Force’s “Al Academiya 2” to that short list of legendary exceptions; if only because Season 2’s final gift to Al Academiya winners was the most eye-popping surprise in the history of MMA reality shows.

The show started interestingly, with a highly promoted Ford Ranger on site. The idea for this season was to put the fighters’ minds and bodies in the ultimate test of withstanding some very tough military training. After a few days of training, fighters will have to fight through fatigue with only what’s left inside of them in order to make it in the house and on the show – but hard work pays off!

Before the end of the episode 1, Desert Force Managing Director Mohammed Mirza declared that each of the winners of Al Academiya will walk away with a Ford Ranger Pickup!

“Built Ford Tough” It’s synonymous with the rugged capability, outstanding performance and dependability of Ford trucks. Whether it’s hauling a big load or getting you to a job site, count on the lineup of versatile, hardworking Ford trucks to work overtime and get the job done.

A well-deserved muscle truck for the toughest survivor!

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