Tarek Suleiman Joins Level 8 Fitness Center


The always evolving Tarek Suleiman is back in Lebanon for his usual break from his training in Thailand.

Suleiman the recent victor of Desert Force 13 fight against Salama is back straight to intense training even as he touches base in Lebanon as he has just joined Level 8 Fitness Center for conditioning and strength training in Ashrafieh, Lebanon.

Tarek, the ever keen seeker of knowledge and skill in the realm of fighting has taken the right step joining this team Led by John Haddad.

Level 8 gym, which for some might be familiar as one of the sponsors of team Shogun, is a firm believer in prioritizing one’s health by focusing on personalized training and nutrition for each individual that comes through. With the help of a super team of fitness instructors and the newest technology, they have been working with many of the athletes mixed martial arts fighters from around Lebanon, assisting in improving their all-around physical fitness to take them to their next levels.

John Haddad from level 8, currently found to be around a lot of the mixed martial arts fighters in Lebanon, had this to say about Tarek:

“Tarek is very very smart and this is something that can’t be taught. When a fighter has smarts he can go a very long way. With the right coaches by his side he will have a bright future. And without question Tarek works with some of the best in the world in Lebanon and in Thailand”.

Much is to gain from any training experience for this fighter, but the skill and strength development from Level 8 is something to keep your eye out for.

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