Al Selwady vs Julaidan: Al Academiya Wrestling Competition

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On the last episode of Desert Force Al Academiya 2, a surprise was awaiting both the red and the green team as they were preparing for the upcoming challenge of re-introducing a fighter to the compete on the show and prove his place once more.

As Abdul-Kareem Al Selwady, coach of the red team and Aziz Julaidan, coach of the green team, were preparing there fighters for the challenge, Desert Force president, Mohammad Mirza, surprised both coaches and their teams by announcing that this challenge is a challenge for the coaches, not the fighters. Awaiting the coaches was a pit, on the sands of the dead sea, were they had to have a wrestling/sumo match that would decide who gets back, as a competing fighter on the show.

Al Selwady’s grappling proved to be very dominant as he rammed Julaidan and even exploded to hit a suplex. Of course, this is only a challenge in a TV show, however, does this mean dominance give the champ, Al Selwady, the needed confidence some extra confidence before the fight ? Does Julaidan has more work to do in preparing for it ?

Round 1 of the bout, so far, crowns Abdul-Kareem Al Selwady as the winner, but, the story might have a different ending come his title fight this December. Watch the clip and enjoy.

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