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Algerian Elias Boudegzdame On the Right Track!

Elias Boudegzdame is a 19 year old Algerian MMA fighter with an 5-1-0 record who has defeated all five of his opponents by way of submission! At this young age , Elias is surely on the right track to reach the top of the mountain. There are of course many variables that come into play on a fighter’s path to glory. Boudegzdame has showed us ground skills, hard work , ethics, and un undoubtedly courage!! There are fighters that are just naturally gifted, compared to others that have to work harder to make up for a lack in talent.Elias packs both , natural talent and hard working state of mind

Boudegzdame currently lives in France and trains daily at Team La Bonne Ecole, Montpelier. He has developed his boxing and wrestling skills under the tutelage of his older brother and La Bonne Ecole head coach Amine Boudegzdame. Amine has taken care of his brother on all levels helping him reach his goal. This team surely proves the saying that “MMA is a Team sport” !

Elias Boudegzdame to ArabsMMA:

I live in France but my heart is in Algeria.I would love to fight on the Arab MMA scene and represent my country . I am always ready for a fight!

Boudegzdame’s fight history:

Victory by way of submission (triangle) – Anthony CONSTANT (Lyon FC 2)
Defeat by decision (unanimous) – Janne Elonen-Kulmala (Stand-Up War 4)
Victory by way of submission – Antoine GALLINARO (PFC 5)
Victory by way of submission – Pascal Louissaint (GOTA II)
Victory by way of submission (triangle) – Michael Cordero (FMC Premium)
Victory by way of submission (kneebar) – Thierry Langlois (Pancrace Béziers)


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