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Who Will Reign Victorious !!! Hamza Nafush Vs Ahmad Amir

Hamza Nafush , Thabet Agha , Ashraf Shishani and Yazan Ghattas at Makhai gym

On the 17th of October 2013, Jordanian MMA promotion, Desert Force will be expanding beyond their home turf for the first time by holding an event at the AUD Knights stadium in Dubai, UAE. Two fighters making their Desert Force and professional debuts against each other are Hamza Nafush and Ahmed Amir.

Hamza Nafush, a 24-year-old Combat Sambo practitioner from Amman, Jordan has fought for Cage Warriors at an Amateur level. Along with teammate and close friend, Thabet Agha, who recently trained with, fought and beat Amir in Al Batal have left their old camp and started training at the Desert Force Training Center and Makhai Academy under the famous Ashraf Shishani, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt who has developed his skills and expertise in BJJ and Catch Wrestling for MMA. Yazan Ghattas has joined as a strength and conditioning coach to make sure Nafush’s tank is full for the whole bout.

His opponent, Ahmed Amir, a 21-year-old wrestler from Cairo, Egypt is most well known for being the underdog that shocked the world in Al Batal. He currently trains at Coach Mohamed Ibrahim, one of the top striking coaches in Egypt who has trained the likes of Ibrahim El Sawi and other local talent. This will surely be beneficial to Amir’s wrestling background, which he showcased on Al Batal, and may help him dominate, wherever the fight goes.


Hamza’s arsenal of great coaching and teammates, who know Ahmed’s game first hand, in addition to his excellent striking, versus Ahmed with his unbreakable spirit and more heart than any other fighter in the region, makes this fight one to look out for.

Will skill and talent prevail over sheer heart and determination? Both are hungry for a win. Keep your eyes peeled for Desert Force Vs the World on MBC Action!

Stay tuned for More info on Desert Force Vs the world on Check out the Full fight card!

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    هذة البطولة يتم اخيتارهم حسب العلاقات الشخصية نرجو من المنظمين اختيار ابطال حقيقيون وليس فقط حسب العلاقات الشخصيةوالعرقية وشكرا

    • احمد الامير فهو امير حمزه نفش فهو بطل صاعد تارك وراءه الضعفاء

  • منظموا لعبة ال MMA هم كبار محترفون محترمون و ابطالهم كبار و انت يا معلق رقم (١) اصغر من ان تتحدث عنهم

  • احمد الامير فهو امير حمزه نفش فهو بطل صاعد تارك وراءه الضعفاء

  • البطل الحقيقي هو الشخص الطموح المثابر يتطلع الى مستقبله الرياضي و المباره هي فوز او خساره اما الشخص الذي يدعي انه لاعب mma ,وليس له طموح رياضي ولا مثابره في التمارين فهو لاعب تعليقات تعليق رقم ١

  • الذي ارسل التعليق رقم ١ مبين عليه لاعب مباره سابقه و خسر و هذا التعليق من شيم الفاشلين

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  • لوسمحت لتعليق رقم واحد لا تدخل للي مالك فيه حمره نفش مستواه اعلى من اي شخص في هذه المصابقة

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