Andre Bottino MMA Referee Seminar, KSA

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Everyone knows how to score and MMA fight right? Everyone knows when a Ref gets it wrong…right?

As a coach, do you know exactly what rules your fighter is competing under?

The MMA Referee course and workshop seminar, brought to you by ArabsMMA in collaboration with the Middle East/ North Africa Athletic Commission, is designed to give both the novice and experienced referee both an introduction and detailed training and application to the ever increasing sport of MMA.

Date: Saturday 21st March 2015
Time: 1:00p.m to 5:30pm
Venue: Green Court, Riyadh KSA
Course Fee: 3750 AED

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World class referee Andre Bottino is a member of the Brazilian athletic commission, and also a referee under CBMMA (Brazilian MMA confederation).

A Judo and BJJ black belt, Andre has moved into the officiating side of the sport. Calling upon his years of direct experience and his passion for the sport of martial arts, this coupled with Andre’s unparalleled attention to detail quickly led for Andre to become the referee of choice for many promotions.

Bitetti Combat, Wocs, Shooto, and The Hill Fighters are just some of the promotions that enlisted Andre for his services within their organizations. Andre established himself and gained the respect of his peers for his no-nonsense and directly strict but fair approach, his authority and years of experience settled many along with his willingness for his consultative approach to his work.

Course Includes

-Unified rules of MMA and their application
-Referee’s role and responsibilities
-Fighters & Corners conduct
-Promoter’s role and responsibilities
-In fight and fight ending scenarios and how to deal with them

Course content is designed to give a thorough overview of the unified rule set and its application to MMA today.

The course will be supplemented with handouts, an assessment test, a certificate of attendance, and open Q&A at the end.

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