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Andrei Kulebin | It’s The Biggest Fight of My Career

Andre Kulebin talks with ArabsMMA reporter Zahi Ephrem about fighting the legendary Buakaw, training with Buakaw, and his mental state of mind going into this fight. These two Muay Thai practitioners, two of the finest to ever grace the ring, will go head-to-head on December in Lebanon for the inaugural Phoenix Fighting Championship.

Andrei Kulebin:

“This is the biggest fight of my career, Buakaw has had many many fights in his career. I have prepared well for this fight, it’s going to be a good fight.”

Phoenix 1 takes place on the 10th of December at the Nohad Nawfal Arena in Beirut, Lebanon. Check out the official Muay Thai and MMA line-ups only on ArabsMMA.

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