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Aniss Al Hajjajy Releases Statement After Desert Force 23 Loss

After campaigning hard for the Desert Force welterweight title, Al Hajjajy met the hard-hitting Mohammad Fakhreddine in the main event of Desert Force 23 on Monday night.

It was a tough pill to swallow for the former champ Aniss Al Hajjajy. The Moroccan who was on a four-fight win streak says he wasn’t given a fair chance to fight in his first Desert Force loss to Mohammad Fakhreddine at Desert Force 23. After the fight, Al Hajjajy released a message to his fans which translates to:

“This is a message to my fans, it’s not an excuse for my loss, but I will list down the series of events that lead to my loss against Mohammad Fakhreddine at Desert Force 23.

To start with, Desert Force organization has sent me my flight ticket one day and the half before my travel date leaving me no time to amend it before my flight to Beirut. The trip from Boston to Dubai is 12 hours long, followed by an 8 hour layover, and a 4 hour flight to Beirut.

I was 3Kg overweight, and had to do the weight cutting on the plane.

I woke up Sunday at 9am to go to the Sauna and cut the 3Kg before the weigh-ins which were due that morning. I was surprised that they had to drive us to another location for the weigh-ins. After a 1hr wait in the bus, I headed to the Sauna to cut to 77Kg.

After stepping on the scale, fighters residing in Lebanon drove-off for lunch, and we stayed there waiting in the bus for 3 hours.

The Hotel the booked us in was probably worse than a 1 star hotel. They served us rice and potato, no meat, neither chicken, nor fish.

On fight day, we went to the Ghazir stadium to warm-up. We got very bad treatment there.

I stepped into the cage, and my gameplan was to trade punches, then go for the takedown, and submit him.

As soon as I took him down, he hit illegal elbows to back of head. I lost control due to the hits and felt drowsy. My vision blurred. Whenever I recovered he did it again. The referee gave him a verbal warning the first time, and ignored it the second time.

Never has anyone hit me to back of head. Desert Force has the worst referees.

I see that this was all unfair. I am not sure if they planned it and it was all set up.

To add insult to injury, the referee didn’t let me continue the fight.

Desert Force commission does not overlook the handwrapping process. What if a fighter puts something harmful under the wrap? Moreover, all commissions ban use of IV.

It’s over now. I have witnessed the worst treatment to fighters ever.”

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  • You are a good fighter and i was expecting you to apologize to your fans and promise to come back better prepared next time..but:
    1- Don’t step into the ring if you are not ready because of any are a professional fighter and you can’t get in the fight knowing you aren’t ready..but once you are in you stop all the bullshit
    2 – You didn’t mention once in your comment how good fakhredine was
    3-he was hitting hard but you were hiding your head so u got them in the back..he never does that on purpose
    4-the referee took a good decision to stop the fight, you surely didn’t see tourself but fakhredine was going to kill you there.

    We respect you but you should think twice before posting a list of excuses as if no one can beat you.

  • I would like 1 time to see an Arab fighter loosing and not jumping and making excuses , what a fucking joke. every time someone looses there is always some stupid excuse that they make, no wonder they always be below average fighters.

    He should just have just accepted his loss, and said i will come back stronger, i will train harder, i wont wait till last minute of the last day on the damn plane to loose the rest of my weight , but he is a fighter with 9-6 record not really a champion material record.

    But all these Arab fighters, would never admit if they loose to the better man, there is always an excuse for everything which is pathetic.

    • Getting elbowed illegally early in the 1st round would affect anyone. I watched this fight live and the referee did suck. All of the referees sucked that night. Hopefully, the fight commissions here in the US will review these fights and take the refs from this fight off their rosters. I truly think the refs were influenced by Desert Force to overlook violations to influence the outcome of the fight. Desert Force truly treats fighters from other regions unfairly. How can you prep for a flight with a 13 hour flight and a 10 hour time change? It takes at least 2 days to recover from jet lag from that region.

    • Can you please stop being racist? You haven’t met every arab fighter. Have you ever met one? I’d be mad as hell if I were Aniss. He didn’t even mention the intentional eye jab and other fouls. Perhaps this wasn’t the smartest way to handle defeat, but someone needs to tell the truth.

      • Geist,
        You are so correct. I find it refreshing that a fighter has the guts to speak out about the corruption and unfairness in some companies.

  • I believe Fakhreddine would have won no matter what the outcomes were, but the only thing I agree with Aniss on is the bad commission in Lebanon who has no clue about MMA

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