Antar Is Out , The Champ Faces A New Opponent


Sami Antar has been long challenging the champion Mohamad Karaki for his title at the light heavyweight division before social media battle of words has broken out between the two. But it seems that right when the the fight is finally here to decide who will emerge victories in both words and actions, Sami Antar drops out due to injury.

After Ghorabi’s staph infection, this well anticipated title fight between the Desert Force light heavyweight champion Mohammad Karaki and Sami Antar is off the books for Desert Force 14. According to Desert Force officials, Antar will be unable to take this fight due to a back injury two days prior to this date. No official statement from Sami yet, but Karaki surely had something to say about this incident. Stepping in is Syrian Check out the video.

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  • I’ve prepared for this comeback for two years so you can understand that im deeply confused and disappointed by this injury.
    Karaki has my admiration and respect in his class and way of handeling this situation, I dont know what will happen next but I hope I can have the honour to face him one day.

    Sami Antar

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