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Aziz Julaidan | We Hope Our Opponents Are Ready For War At GFC 8


Gladiators Fighting Championship long awaited return is just around the corner. With only 24 hours to fight night, ArabsMMA caught up with Desert Force featherweight champion and “Icon Jiu-Jitsu”‘s Aziz Julaidan who will be cornering three of his teammates taking part in tomorrow’s GFC 8.

Both of Algerian origin and training in Switzerland, Mohammed Saeid and Jean Phillipe will square off the Janeb brothers, with Phillipe defending his belt at 84Kg. Also from “Icon Jiu-Jitsu”, Cedric Rozczko holding a record of 5 wins and zero losses will face local fighter Nasser Mutreb.

Aziz Julaidan:

We are very well prepared for this fight as usual. We know that the Jordanian brothers are black belt and we respect it. But our academy base is Brazilian Jiu jitsu as well, we have a roster of big black belts names in the team that fighters that roll with. We do feel any threat concerning the ground game. The fighters will follow the game plan and will put a good show for the spectators.

Cedric will be under pressure of the crowd fighting against a home favorite, we have gotten used to be in such circumstances and it will play in our advantage. I hope our opponents are ready for war, we will put a good show and surprise the fans.

Click here to view the official GFC 8 fight card.

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