Bahrain Organizes The First National Bahraini MMA Tryouts For IMMAF

Sponsored by his highness Shaikh Khaled Bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Bahrain organized in March the first national tryouts event for the IMMAF


A new and vibrant hub for Mixed Martial Arts is starting to develop in the Middle East. After the first participation of the Lebanese national team in last year’s IMMAF world championship, Bahrain has organized in March the first national tryouts event for the IMMAF (International Mixed Martial Arts Federation) 2015 event. With athletes and organizations emerging at a fast rate, this part of the globe is quickly becoming a key area in the world of MMA.

The event was sponsored by his highness Shaikh Khaled Bin Hamad Al Khalifa who is himself a big fan of MMA as he handpicked his professional MMA team in Bahrain.

The MMA team included Hamza Al Kooheji, who earned the first Bahraini victory in Desert Force Bahrain, Mohammed Shahid, Ahmed Gazal, Obada Al Mulla, Mohammed Al Mulla. His highness has started training with the team two times day since then. He has promised that he would take the MMA to the next level in Bahrain where he started the first event for locals. The event has included 12 fighters where 6 fights where there.

First fight
Abdulla Seena 61 KG, Reza Martial arts VS Salah Shaaban, 56 KG, Bahrain MMA : Winner Abdulla Seena by Submission 1 minute 49 seconds

Second fight
Hassan Ayyad 51 KG, Reza Martial arts VS Atif Khadim, 51 KG, Bahrain MMA : Atif Khadim TKO third round 1:21

Third Fight
Hussain Ayyad 61 KG, Reza Martal arts VS Obada Al Mulla, 61 KG, Bahrain MMA: Hussain Ayad, Rear naked choke 2:30 second round

Fourth fight
Abdulaziz Monojahry, JD boxing, 70 KG VS Mohamed Salah 70 KG, Red wolf : Abdulaziz Monojahry, referee stoppage, Second round 1:30 second

Fifth fight
Dawood Isa, 86 KG VS Mohammed Al Mulla 77 KG Bahrain MMA: Mohammed AL Mulla TKO 1:18 First round

Sixth fight
Mohammad Atif, 110, Reza Martial arts VS Ali Al Ansary 150 KG, Bahrain muay thai: Mohammad Atif, second round, fighter withdraw

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