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“I am the only fighter at 77Kg that can Dethrone Al Hajjajy ”

Prior to losing his fight with Anis Hajjajy (the newly crowned Champ), Bechir Majri was considered the biggest force in the welterweight division.


Prior to losing his fight against Anis Al Hajjajy (the newly crowned Champ), Bechir Majri was considered the biggest force in the welterweight division. ArabsMMA reporter talked to Majri about his latest fight and the changes that occured respectively. Here’s what he had to say !!

How’s it going Bechir, it’s been a while since our last talk! What’s new in Bechir’s life ?

All is good here , i train too much .. so no time for anything else to happen 😀

After your last fight , it seemed that something was missing in your game plan , what are your thoughts about your fight with Aniss and what changes did you underdo , if any ?

After my fight with Al Hajjajy , I completely changed my training .. i practiced with a muay thai purist (jean charles skarbowsky), someone that already established his name in the MT world. He was the trainer of Georges saint pierre, and he participated in TUF ….. he has a particular mentality that i appreciate.I learned alot about the human aspect as well as the fighting aspect. As for jiu jitsu i am training with Akio Long, a black belt under De La Riva , a very pedagogical, serene, calm, and observational man who has impressive technical detail, as well as an incredible level of performance. He takes very good care of me. I also undergo one hardcore bodybuilding session, and one day of MMA sparring per week.

I find that the fight with Aniss was very close and tense. Aniss fought well and avoided standing up with me. The decision surprised me a bit. They did not take off penalty points for his illegal moves. I think that nowadays in the 77kg class of desert force i am the only one who can dethrone him.

The Desert Force Finals recently took place with four exciting title fights ! What are your thoughts on the welterweight title bout ?

I heard it was a successful event , but honestly i didn’t watch it! I like to be the one fighting , not a spectator watching others fight. Good Job , Aniss surely earned the win but am coming after Aniss once i have adopted my strategy to face him again. U’ll see !

Well that’s the spirit , so the fans will be seeing you in the next desert force , in september hopefuly ?

It is not certain that i will go back to desert force. i put forward my conditions and the contract should have been renegotiated after they violated an important clause in our contract , but this issue is between me and them.

I also have plans to leave France to settle abroad, but the lack of sponsors is putting that on hold.

An interesting conversation with one of the best international arab fighters , ArabsMMA fans surely await Bechir’s next appearance inside the cage !

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