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Bechir Majri: I Will Return In May, Fight Anyone On My Way To Title

Bechir MAJRI (4/2 - Tristar Gym Lebanon) should make his return in the cage of the Desert Force in the month of May.


Bechir MAJRI (4/2 – Tristar Gym Lebanon) should make his return to the Desert Force cage in the month of May. The event is planned in Beirut, Lebanon. Bechir who had been in the corner of Tristar Gym Lebanon during the latest Desert Force event, will be representing this team now.

It is still unknown who will face Majri in his upcoming fight in May, yet the welterweight division is the most dangerous and anyone from Amr Wahman, Aniss Al Hajajjy or even Mounir Lazzez could be a good match for the Tunisian.

Almost more than a year since your last appearance, a lot has changed in the welterweight division! Who do you think is the best at 77 right now?

You are right, the welterweight division is a stacked one! The current champ Anis Hajjajy is surely the best at the moment with top of the notch grappling skills. I also think Mounir Lazzez is a very dangerous fighter

Who are you training with for your next fight?

I am currently training with Akio Long, BJJ black belt under Ricardo De La Riva to refine and tune up my grappling. I will be going for a 3 week training Camp at Tristar Gym Canada, our affiliates at Tristar Lebanon.

After your Semi-Finals with the current champ, it felt like you were not coming back to the cage. What kept you away for so long?

There was alot going on in my life at that period of time. But my injuries were the heaviest burden and the main reason for staying away. Recovery is key, and i dont like to rush things

Al hajjajy will be defending his welterweight title for the first time in April against Mohamad Ghorabi. What do u think about the outcome of this fight ?

Ghorabi is a very explosive fighter with hard punches, yet Al Hajjajy is the champ and he has an impressive set of Jiu Jitsu skills. It doesn’t matter who wins, I will fight anyone on my way to the title.

Looking at Bechir’s previous fight, put him against any top welterweight and we have a potential main event material. I personally can’t wait to see this talent back in the cage.

Who do you think will be the best match up for Majri given that he will fight in May? I bet Yousef Nassar has a super fight scheduled but nothing is official yet.

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