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Mounir Lazzez – There’s a Sniper on the Loose

Most of the time, when we think sniper, we think sniper rifle.


Most of the time, when we think sniper, we think sniper rifle. Indeed, it is not often that one’s extremities can cause them to be referred to as a sniper, as the term is usually reserved for trained killers. But what better term is there to describe Mounir Lazzez? After watching his last two fights, I seriously can’t think of a better one.

Team Nogueira Dubai, as well as the MMA world, has A LOT to be excited about in the ferocious Tunisian striker. With speed, technique, and a high kick that would make Crocop want to move to Dubai, Lazzez is a game changer in Desert Force’s 77KG division. Indeed, in his last two outings, he’s come out victorious via a right high kick, the set up and technique of which has been an absolute pleasure to watch. And while his brutal high kick KO of Anas Siraj Mounir was impressive, as it literally defied physics by pulling a stiffened Mounir entirely off of his feet and slamming the back of his head into the mat, it was the last KO victory over former title contender, Amr Wahman, via the same kick, that really demonstrated The Sniper’s talent and standing within Desert Force. In fact, regarding his standing, It would be strange not to see Lazzez get the next shot at the 77KG shield. But, that potential date with destiny will have to wait, and that may just be what the doctor ordered.


With Desert Force 77KG champ, Aniss Al Hajjajy, booked for the historic first defense of his shield on April 11 against a very legitimate threat in Shogun’s Mohamad Ghorabi, Lazzez will have the chance to continue to hone his skills, and study what may be his next opponent. And as he is currently a threat, an improved Lazzez with momentum is a frightening prospect with legitimate hat-trick potential.

In the end, I do believe that Lazzez will be awarded the next shot at the shield, or at the very least, will try to earn his hat-trick with one more fight before being awarded that shot. And be it Hajjajy or Ghorabi, Lazzez’s great equalizer, a right leg from hell, makes him a serious contender.

George Francis, Esq., is the Combat Sports Analyst & Editor-in-Chief for

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